Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nov 11th and 18th episodes are now up!

Kinda screwed up last week and forgot my music so now I'm playing catch-up.  Here's the last two shows with setlists
Nov 11th mp3 download
The setlist
billy idol- postcards from the past
mikey erg- you've never heard my aim is true
black cat attack- Sunday sacrafice
mercy street- die young
pear- grimespree
the smith street band- somethings I can hold in my hand
the smith street band- the arrogance of the drunk pedestrain
the smith street band- surrey dive
double cheese- elvis for a night
double cheese- anyone but my baby
lagwagon- made of broken parts
lagwagon- obsolete absolute
sundials- eugene
sundials-- stun spore
our darkest days- victimized
our darkest days- homesick and bookmarks
flint- lorraine outside of work
flint- urethra franklin
Baptists- bloodmines
Baptists- for profit
Baptists- string up
unearth- lifetime in ruins
unearth- trail to fire

Nov 18th mp3 download

The setlist:
envy- a warm room
sigur ros- inni mer syngur vitleysingur
os101- unframed
tension- the kids still have a lot to say
fucked up- crooked head
dope body- hired gun
c.aarme- worst part
single mothers- crooks
stanford prison experiment- disbelief
since by man- lactating teens
cadillac blindside- tonights starting lineup
bedford drive- never saw it coming
gratitude- sadie
onelinedrawing- we had a deal
the great redneck hope- three easy steps to digging up and reanimating your ass, only to rock it into the ground once again
the great redneck hope- you're fired, you're fired, you're fired. Goddamn it, I'm spike lee
the great redneck hope- I'm pretty sure I got my cat pregnant
hag face- worst nightmare
hag face- barb tarbox
hag face- dirtbag dreamboat
hag face- brat
blue meanies- lose your mind
polysics- buggie technica
donnas- don't get me busted
the vandals- failure is the best revenge
blueline medic- sleepyhead
cursed- dead air at the pulpit

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