Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 24th episode is now up!

Download it here:
Best Show Ever May 24

The setlist:

 dag nasty    -cold heart
dag nasty    -wanting nothing
death grips    -spikes
modern baseball    -every day
california    -hate the pilot
brokedowns    -runnin' the front
direct hit!-    avery your eyes
lost love    -take care, get better, see you never
lost love    -our pets' heads are falling off
lost love    -run forever, run
pup    -pine point
pup    -doubts
wraths    -it's not over
wraths    -are you serious
destroy this place    -sharkbite
destroy this place    -kids at the funeral
me fritos and the gimme cheetos-    como yo te amo
me fritos and the gimme cheetos-    tractor amarillo
school damage    -you'll shoot your eye out!
school damage    -detroit rock shitty
tiny moving parts    -minnow
tiny moving parts    -headache
enamel    -nothing
enamel    -don't care
reps    -no demons
reps    -face to face
napalm raid    -disfigured
napalm raid    -drowning
napalm raid    -living breathing dead
napalm raid    -soon the end

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