Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Best Show Ever Sept 13th episode is now up

Download it here :
Best Show Ever Sept 13

The setlist:

nick cave and the bad seeds    -jesus alone
less than jake    -the loudest songs
!attention!    -writing letters
sweet and lowdown    -carolina
toyguitar    -move like a ghost
toyguita-r    turn it around
against me!    --all this (and more)
against me!    -provision l-3
against me!    -haunting, haunted, haunts
pansy division    -he's trouble
pansy division    -my heart aches for you
dan vapid    -red fire engine
dan vapid    -I have a thing about trains
colleen green    -between the lines
colleen green    -disco
sudden suspension    -guelph ontario
terminal licks    -not today
terminal licks    -you won't see me go
terminal licks    -DIGGIN A GRAVE
auras    -emerge
auras    -sciolist
auras    -chimerical
die young    -automations
die young    -mortal/eternal
crux of aux    -pergatory cop
crux of aux    -body of shale
crux of aux    -tears for mona

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