Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dec 8th show. a tribute to the gorilla biscuits

here is the show
and here is the setlist:
the plot to blow up the eiffel tower- reichstag rock
skankin pickle- start today
die young- degradation
the fight- first failure
products of waste- big mouth
what happens next -stand still
defiance ohio- the things we say
new found glory- no reason why
wallride- new direction
LxExAxRxNx- good intentions
raised fist- new direction
youth of today- better than you
set your goals- forgotten
buzzcocks- sitting round the home
pointing finger- high hopes
gorilla biscuits- as one
civ- sausages?
good clean fun- on the streets
death is not glamorous- for keeps
fluf- sticky buns
dayglo abortions- proud to be a canadian
the daily times- suburbia is burning
the roman line- talbot and inkerman
the fits- sailing to hell
mariachi el bronx- slave labor
the james t kirks- stingray #1
crash kills- it's always there
against time- I ask myself
billy and the lost boys- reprise refrain
atm- fight
big trouble in little china- end of the world sex party
murder city devils- lemuria rising
prizzy prizzy please- too many t-shirts
new lease- that's it that's all
burning love -demo track 3
ac4- the same fight
francophones- fzeron

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