Sunday, December 27, 2009

long delayed december 15th edition of the best show ever

listen to the show here
here is the setlist:
the riot before- take that, the government
tim- useless life
the helm- unum sanctum
cruel hand- damaged goods
new enemy- tim horton hears a who
dbs- aspirations
ux vileheads- ok mutations
the epidemics- bloodstains
detournement- revolution
timeshares- chinese coffy torture
hour of the wolf- cowards and critics
olehole- monuments of motion
crownhate -ruin better still if they don't know
something corporate- ruthless
carpenter- you can't keep a good man down
weakerthans- anchorless
mark lind and the unloved- the world is fucked
fifth hour hero- bruce oh my bruce
yesterdays ring -punx not dead
cooper- right now
swing ding amigos- sweet gene
tattle tales- please sign here
alcoholics unanimous- santa claus dwi
swellers- immunity
real mckenzies- loch lamond
one man army -victoria
red collar radio- on
fucked up- do they know it's christmas
dragbody-kill the dogs

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