Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 1st edition of the best show ever

download it here
here is the setlist:
the jealous sound- anxious arms
rome romeo- the heater
waxwing -g
the 'tone- queen of the shoplifters
emergency- what you gonna do?
mustard plug- the freshman
corporation- toxic world
retreads- misery
hives- uptempo venomous poison
red lights flash- divinity needs poverty
kover- w/o
12xu- terre d' innocus
narcoleptic youth- pull the trigger
wayfarer- black cadillac
the business- smash the discos
be my doppleganger- get in line
layaway plan- magnet
ergs- I'll trash you when you think of me
the measure (sa)- don't fuck this up
tiny hawks- four days after ariel was shot
complete- so long
hippos- thinking
house boat- my guts have shit for brains
A.I.D.-the consequence of your greed
deville- Idle but deadly
spread the disease- responding to the current lack of heat
letters organize- a book for dummies
flatliners- filthy habits
despair- kill
shai hulud- lost cause
skarhead- where are you
crane- half united

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