Thursday, December 31, 2009

december 29th show

listen to it here
and here is the setlist:
arliss nancy- rust
the cute lepers- some hits hurt harder
debaser- we have a lot in common you and I
reaction- the kids arrived
torture the artist -vanessa
dillinger mob- say it ain't so
hex dispensers -the mutiny
fuzz 58- sarcasm
golden girls- teenage rape fantasy
rubber girlfriend -queen of the neighborhood
strike anywhere -spectacular
ak47- prison house of nations
utopia now- science
moaning lisas- lurking in the dark
punch- right of way
black market fruit flies- lifer
spits -life in a van
daddy's hand- I hate z pank
evening rig- how does she do it
sector 7- honest liar
whaleface -get that sign out of my face
malchiks- get over me
onion flavored rings- funny
disassociate from man- savages
C. Aarme- blodet
jr battles -decades
flipper- be good child
blundermen- chaos
pregnant- god is nein
bound to fall- cause for thought
legendary san diego chargers -things are pretty fucked
lager lads -aggro nights
dig it up- oh no
26 letter prison- 5:39
constantines- credit river
chuck norris- pick up your skate
door luck -Saturday night live
after all- don't give up
x-large- his life
gone too far- should I
seized- the drowning
never too late- mistrust
the vanishers -4 am

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