Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 5th best show ever is now up!

The Mp3
 May 5 best show ever

The setlist
titus andronicus -dimed out 
refused -electra
 lawnmower -answering machine 
ergs -I'm in trouble 
the replacements -radio hook word hit
 the replacements -everything's coming up roses 
ceremony -bleeder 
ceremony -the separation
 ceremony -the party
 terminal licks -not today
 terminal licks -it's over 
stop dancing- responible 
foam -silver spoon 
foam -ok, get up and go to work 
foam -sludge 
heart attack kids -platonic love bomb
 heart attack kids- eh ok 
heart attack kids -belly of the beast 
noi!se -solidarity 
koffin kats -detroit 
voodoo glow skulls -the brothels 
shoplifters -ghost band 
great cynics -lost and found 
great cynics -wet feet 
mutoid man -sweet ivy 
goms -goms squad 
goms -last warning 
public suicide -intro ii-draining 
public suicide -cut me out 
fucked up -california cold

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