Tuesday, March 6, 2012

feb 28th edition now up!

try these to listen to it

and the setlist:
no trigger- new brains
no trigger- windmill and watertower
french exit- favorite actress
crucial dudes- dry spell
four eyes- back to life
lucifer wong- playphone
nefidovs- fuck john hughes
treehouse- average life expectancy should be 16 years
cheap girls- communication blues
cheap girls- right way
cheap girls- if you can't swim
humanifesto- a home if nuts
silverstien- ballad of wilhelm
silverstien- la marseillaise
nitro mahalia- knock knock on the water
aussitot mort- la ride du lion
great apes- simple cathartics
lumber lung- vomit in your mouth a little
hope- when will you fall
old wounds- white rabbit
streetlight fire- larry bird
mute- fastlane
unsane- wreck
fuck the facts- lifeless
instill -human eyes
the fallacy- la fin du monde

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