Tuesday, February 28, 2012

feb 21st edition now up!

here's the download:
If that doesn't work try these:

Soon I'll be able to get these up on Itunes as well as a subscription podcast

Here's the setlist
forrester- trent bridge
great apes- class(war room)
june and july- new hedonists
lowtalker -eulogy
tightrope- quandary
carry yourself- the intention is there
lucero- like lightning
signals midwest- milk crate
sidekicks -daisy
sidekicks -peacock
sidekicks- the whale and jonah
sparky's revenge- of all broken things
buildings- rainboat
they stay dead- transmission
naughty girls -full time job
paul blest- 3.25.10
thor and pulling teeth- lightning strikes
disobey- making that funny smile
withdrawl- burning inside
troubled minds- hoax
troubled minds -payback
man vs humanity- abyssia
everything went black- gods of atlantis
our last crusade- kingdom

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