Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feb 14th episode now up!

the download:
if that doesn't work try these

and the setlist:
anthrax- new noise
every time I die- underwater bimbos from outer space
useless Id- live or die
useless Id- somewhere
caleb lionheart- anchor grill
sex church- dull light
sex church- garbage in the grass
omegas- ny terminator
omegas- nazi rules
classics of love- gun show
classics of love- light rail
ceremony- brace yourself
ceremony- repeating the circle
ceremony -community service
atom and his package- pumping iron for enya
french exit- dominoes
crucial dudes- of course I like music. I listen to pantera
lucero- sometimes
Teenage Kicks- the river
silverstien- xon our kneesx
silverstien- good intentions
silverstien- gotta stay positive
by a thread- between the takes
shang a lang- waiting for the end
copyrights- straight to the office
reveling- trust me
bleeding through- deaf ear
the luck ones -summer in the streets
the life and times -day six

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