Tuesday, June 26, 2012

june 19th edition now up! Listen here:
the setlist:
molten lava hunt for shred october
molten lava shred life
orphan choir fatigue monologue
new town animals cori street
planet smashers berserk
white lung bad way
white lung bunny
white lung take the mirror
metz ripped on the fence
brighter brightest kiss
veneers vesuvius
raised by apes split personality
raised by apes stevenson
yes sir! Mister machine a whore can't change her spots
brighter arrows departing
brighter arrows severance
after the fall kabuki girl
caleb lionheart dutch girls
caleb lionheart we're rooted here and you can't pull us up
hammerfaced low spirits
mad men too hot
millenial reign luminous veil
continuance the dream within
continuance over the years
nightbringer death of heathen gods
highjack delta socialite

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