Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Show Ever June 12th edition now up!  
listen  at these places 

 And the setlist:
motion city soundtrack- true romance
new bruises- one for the looper
new bruises- is nature the key
new bruises -social club and binary codes
downtown struts- always heading west
slush -emperor
slush- intametal
fierce brosnan -we all fall down
bouncing souls- baptized
bouncing souls- static
bouncing souls- ship in a bottle
by surprise- ode to pollard
speedy ortize- basketball
marla singer- you treat em like a 50's housewife
tell-tale hearts- david bowie and the eternal sadness
nous etions -ex sangue
ramon gris -aren't we just the cutest people
animal faces- watered down
delo truda -bridging the semantic gap
baroness- take my bones away
climates- waiting to exhale
dead ending- all your satellites are falling
hope conspiracy -for love
converge- you fail me

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