Tuesday, November 27, 2012

download the nov 20th episode of the Best Show Ever here:
or find it here:
 or stream it here

the setlist:
placeholder --mary
precursor- fall apart
precursor- game
candy hearts -bad idea
candy hearts- miles and interstates
the snips -blood maps
lost time accident -bachelor in bradington
metz- the mule
cash crop- piracy funds freedom fighting
bummer kids- on the run
bad brains- into the future
baader brains -planeary keynote address
baader brains- sensations fix
baader brains- today
river city- indifference
river city- breakthrough
forecast- skyline
midwest- how do you stop it
forgetters- strike
forgetters- hoop and swan
the selfist- an abnormal farm
the selfist- morbid history
beartrap- graveyard plot
beartrap- surface
casting curses -thrashmir
regret the informer -I miss jeff
districts- the giver
crystal castles- sad eyes

and find I was Young in the 90s nov 21st edition here:

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