Tuesday, January 24, 2012

best show ever jan 17th edition

Here's the link to it on cjam's website:
If that doesn't work, try these

And here's the setlist:
h2o- someday I suppose
the evidence- damn that river
the evidence -storm drains
castevets- good riddance
maggoty brats- anchorman
tightrope- notes about nothing
tightrope- 100 unagi
flatliners- sleep your life away
khann- downward
stable boys- body worship
johnny foreigner- cranes and cranes and cranes and
signals midwest -in tensions
signals midwest -I was lost
signals midwest -the weight and the waiting
fact- crying
daylight- damp
terrible feelings- hollow
troubled coast -patient hands
dark times -talk too much
on bodies -just can't win
opposition rising- the rich are killing the poor
black breath- fallen
colors -blaaaaa
goodbye cruel world- vermin society
fuck the facts- a cowards existence

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