Tuesday, January 31, 2012

jan 24th edition now up!

heres the download link:
If that doesn't work, try these

and here's the setlist:

waxahatchee- be good
anti-flag- turn a blind eye
pantychrist- carve your name into my chest
our mercury- shawna don't wanna
youth avoiders- run
alcest- summers glory
john k samson- longitudinal centre
john k samson -Highway 1 West
cursive- the cat and the mouse
jealous sound- a gentle reminder
jealous sound- promise of the west
jealous sound- equilibrium
doomsday student- ape in love
iron reagan- artificial saints
careers in science- hardcore nice guy
careers in science- holy shit giant spiders!
crusades- attic
crusades- rupture
hollow earth- on the precipice
equal minds theory- oceanbound
tharsis they- concentrated human feeding operation
ducky boys- the sweetest girl
sidekicks- the wallflowers
tigers jaw- gypsy
shimmer demolition- nothing to do
cobra skulls- the mockery

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