Tuesday, May 8, 2012

may 1st show now up!
places to listen


big eyes- back from the moon
heathers -what's your damage
chixdiggit- since you got a dog
red collar- this house
mewithoutyou- fox's dream of the log flume
lipstick homicide- bite my tongue
tv freaks- brain/head
tv freaks- I can't win
doomriders- girl you want
sweet cobra- gates of steel
lemuria- cannonballs to hurt
lemuria- varoom allure
dragging the mule- rasbury
huff stuff magazine- rat's off to ya
tierra park- reflections
aeges- southern comfort
set your goals- only right now
damages- superstitious pidgeons
expire- abyss
fat janitor- lizard kissing papa
young and in the way -times are cold
disco assault- can't tell no one
disco assault -crank up the amps
countdown to oblivion- poster children for family values
countdown to oblivion- to an end
youth- senior
unfun -caroline
anti-flag- turn a blind eye
anti-flag- broken bones

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