Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sept 11 show is now up as well as the 90s show from sept 12

 download the Best Show Ever Here:
and the setlist:
nofx -cell out
jesse fellows -domino
jesse fellows- choker
gallows- vapid adolescent
ladder devils- common dogs
title fight- numb but I still feel it
title fight- secret society
araby -growth
araby -november
morning glory- march of the asylum
morning glory- patiently
morning glory- shelter from the spoon
gob -somethings wrong
gob -what the hell
I used to be a sparrow- hawaii
menomena- skintercourse
cold hands- don't sweat the small stuff
cliffjumper- closer obscure
cliffjumper- way too jerry springer for me
the intake of glass- ordnance
iselia- revenant
I'm an intestine- mutt's best friend
new yorker -withstanding degradation
kid gorgeous- livin after midnight
tin horn player -all well that ends
ipswitch -epic quest
lightning bolt -sound guardians

And you can download I Was Young In the 90s here:

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