Tuesday, September 25, 2012

lots of new shows (2 new shows)

download sept 18ths best show ever at these places:

the setlist:
jesse fellows -eight
swellers -making waves
make do and mend- royal
cold warps- slimer
cold warps -dream creepin
cricket -mortlach
cricket- my fallen hero
clarity -suspended from rooftops
single -mothers winter coats
adicts- stomper
jr juggernaut- older than my father
nofx -down with the ship
nofx -secret society
nofx -I've got one jealous again again
yuppicide- american oblivion
bombpops -grocery store
apers- slipstream
jetbirds -nuke warm
latin for truth -boxcar
pick your side- throne of privelidge
cerce -direct tribute 2
cerce -choices
broderick- brave new world
as I lay dying- overcome
kremlin- will you feed me
kremlin -anti septic
never was -asylum
old man gloom- to carry the flame

And download the sept 19th edition of I Was Young in the 90's here:

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