Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sept 22 episode is now up!

Download it here:
Sept 22 Best Show Ever

 The Setlist:
oso oso    -we grass of cold cement
oso oso-    josephine
motion city soundtrack    -tko
motion city soundtrack    -heavy boots
dollar signs    -punks in paris
dollar signs    -surf's up! (california)
crocodiles    -crybaby demon
crocodiles    -transylvania
crocodiles    -do the void
crabhammer-    if you wann get hurt, skateboard
crabhammer-    offend pop punk
backyard superheroes    -so much more
turtleneck    -mouth-breather
turtleneck    -rut
turtleneck    -believe
obgms-    beat up kids
obgms    -chambre a coucher
obgms    -celebration
enziguri-    self awareness is key
enziguri    -heads up
firing squad    -endless game
firing squad    -c.t.o.
last words    -worth nothing
last words    -close on my heels
aggression pact    -desecrate
hired goons    -crushed
hired goons    -way of life
ilmestys    2- untitled
ilmestys    3 -untitled

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