Saturday, February 13, 2010

feb 9th best show ever

here's the show:
and here's the setlist:
polysics -buggie technica
posers -rich kids
small brown bike- hideaway
god awfuls- 1979
disco assault- my fate
birthday suits- jarrasha be
choke up- tracking
bald vulture- she's ed
bunchofuckingoofs- molded
bad brain-s black dots
baader brains- baader brains
Zro4- gimme attention
trash rats- punks not for sale
red phone dispatch- pygmy giant
Less than jake- how's my driving doug hastings
barricade mentale- la tourne en anglais
modernettes- barbra
anti flag- captain anarchy
duane peters and the hunns- wild
stark naked and the fleshtones- I broke her heart and she broke my arm
SNFU- plastic surgery kept her beautiful
diesel boy -punk rock girl
in bear country -sinkin
the action- tv's on the brink
ripcordz- real bands
crime in stereo- not dead
gaslight anthem -say I won't recognize
female hands -devided by three
delirium alcoholerix -riot riot
secret 7 line -wanna go
epoxies- science of you
slander- petticoat junction
guns n wankers- blows away
subsitance- police state
refuse resist- bad luck
bane- one life to live
path of resistance- trust isn't free
wings beer sports- who won?

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