Thursday, February 4, 2010

feb 2nd episode now up.

played a lot this week to get ahead on the 1000 band count
here's the show:
and here is the setlist:
adolescents- self destruct
a global threat -channel 34
agnostic front- pauly the dog
agoraphobic nosebleed- drive by blowjob on a bicycle
ambitions -calamity
anal cunt- tom arnold
andrew jackson jihad- no more tears
angry samoans- you stupid jerk
arrivals -blue kamikazi
ataries- the radio still sucks
batallion of saints- witch world
betrayed- nothing breaks us apart
black flag- you bet we've got something personal against you
blood for blood- serenity
blue Monday- cathedral square
capitalist alienation -rambo desperately seeking madonna
capitalist casualties- propane punks
circle jerks -wasted
cop cars -can't stand you
cromags- survival of the streets
DOA- disco sucks
daniel striped tiger- rough cut
dead milkmen- brat in the frat
descendents- all
detestation- dying everyday
dillinger 4- porch
discipline- stompin crew
DRI -closet punk
dropdead- at the end of days
DS13 -society scandal
epoxy- sports pack
failures- blame
final exit -17 scoops
go it alone- go it alone
heresy- network of friends
hewhocorrupts -1 block east, 2 blocks up your ass
holy mountain- florida
hype- ditch pig
in-sane- dead cop
jammy dodgers -jazz is dead
jeromes dream -it's right where you said
JFA- teen idol
kids like us -lantern corps
lagwagon- inspector gadget
letters in binary- don'ts
link 80- jeff acree
loutish- police attack
madball- get out
mara'akate- lorenze transformations
martyr ad -terminal
methadones- past mistakes
mingers- fuck class
minor threat- small man big mouth
minutemen -please don't be gentle with me
misfits- demonomania
monikers- wake up line up
mushmouth- follower
mxpx -forgive and forget
negative approach- sick of talk
new bomb turks- we give a rat's ass
nobodys -stupid humans
no harm done -the start of something new
no redeeming social value -all I ask
orchid -death of a modernist
page 99 -you and your lumbering body
pig destroyer -fuck you up and get high
pulling teeth- ashes and dust
punkin pie- at the museum
rudimentary peni- bile ball
SOA- gang fight
short attention- jugallos at the alamo
sinkhole- my life 2
snuff- shake and black
spermswamp- genital burger
ss decontrol- screw
stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff -my girlfriend is a crazy fucking cat lady
stinkaholic- oscar the couch
sudden impact- steamy loaf
suicide machines- punck
swamp thing- enjoy it
think don't pray- poverty parade
this bike is a pipe bomb- forgotten not gone
this is my fist- jesus + nothing
times new viking- take the piss
united nations- spinning heart of the yoyo
unseen- fuck the kkk
useless fucks- we say fuck a lot
useless ID -too bad you don't get it
victems of corruption- fuckin cops
violent society- rotting
war called peace -grand dad's suit
wasted youth- teenage nark
western waste- menace to society
wynonna riders- a word from out sponsors
xbishopx- go fuck yourself
youthinasia- IB6UB9
zeke- roller
aids wolf- audiotrack
adhd- windsor sucks
ballast- numb again

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