Sunday, January 31, 2010

best show ever jan 26th edition

so I just found out that my show will be pre-empted on feb 23rd. so that means in order to complete my goal of 1000 bands in 6 months I will have to raise it up a notch. on feb 2nds show I will attempt to play 100. as for this past show, here you go:
grade- these eyes are on the exit
blood red- peeping tom
map- mes filles
one shot left- never coming home
avail- nickel bridge
tim barry- prosser's gabriel
hot water music -trademark
chuck regan- rotterdam
searching for chin- the beard stays, you go
anais nin- so much flesh
ivs- walls
movielife- me and you vs them
the snips- old engines
good luck -1001 open hands
the delay- forever inside
the max levine ensemble- another song about the rain
jud jud- speed picking song
risky business- what's mine is mine
thieves and assassins- tax and tribute
germs -what we do is secret
hagfish- white food
big boys- brick wall
discount -tv kiss
against all authority- 30 second song
down by law- drummer dave hunter up
turmoil- six demon bag
capital- 250 32nd
new mexican disaster squad- destroy at all costs
international superheroes of hardcore- super hero sell out
f-minus -(I'm so) empty
death wish kids- lucky
ampere- remain unadapted
lar frederickson and the bastards- blind ambition
let me out- these ties
matadors of shame- beginings
ructions- been watching
jay reatard- dead on arrival
dishrags- love is shit
mi6- hooligan bum
rutteger- all in your head
suicidal tendencies- facist pig
druglords of the avenues -he loves
malcolm bauld- ready for anything

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