Thursday, May 13, 2010

finally an update

been a while because I've been so busy at work. But there has been a rain delay.
1000 bands in 6 months was completed on april 13th, and I've added a new feature that I call "records I got my grubby hands on" started with prizzy prizzy please-chroma cannon.
This week was Balance and composure/Tigers Jaw-split
You can still find past programs here:
Here is this weeks show:
and here's the setlist:
bomb the music industry- all ages shows
dirty filthy mugs- up for trouble
organ thieves- fix the hearts of the hollow
razorblades- will I always be fighting
nitrominds -all american
stephen egerton -she's got everything
micah schnabel- the stage lights
unsane -this stops at the river
doubledealer- chained
in bear country -road dawgs
teen crud combo -awful brother
the spits- tonight
one last wish- home is the place
one last wish- break to broken
jr battles- rip it up
introspect- wave your fucking way
the brains- rip
the brains- we'll rise
ceremony -sick
balance and composure- burden
balance and composure- rope
tigers jaw- jet alone
black breath- wewhocannotbenamed
gravemaker -dear brother
abominable iron sloth -I destroy
insuiciety-left for dead