Friday, May 28, 2010

best show ever may 18th

the show:
the setlist:
killtakers- anneliese
transmitorz- plastic genocide
nothington- the ocean
tiny hawks- give it rest
noise by numbers -without boundaries
miracle of 86- every famous last word
prize country -what we're made of
guttermouth -primate camp
misery signals- worlds and dreams
misery signals- murder
on- silence inside
on- take a stand
inepsy- the fury of destruction
inepsy- no order! Disorder!
nakatomi plaza- bomb shelter
seven story mountain- sinking in
marked men -a little time
emery- the note from which a chord is
maxeen -it don't make no sense
far- give me a new reason
far- at night we live
far- are you sure
carpenter -wake up
mi amore- sgnl > faible
betrayed -work for it
anti-heroes -the bomb
continuance- beneath the concrete
mastodon- blood and thunder

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