Friday, May 28, 2010

best show ever may 25th edition

this weeks album feature is the new live record from bad religion-30 years of bad religion
the show:
the setlist:
AM taxi -shake rattle and stall
astrobillies- I lie awake
blake- superhero
insult- sweet revenge
after all- don't give up
rvivr- edge ot living
500 miles to memphis- the regret
desoto jones -cap gun
new town animals- Oh! What a nerd
new town animals- observer
bedlam hour -corn dances
da slyme -crazy glue
222's- hold up
inepsy- run away
inepsy- time bomb
radio birdman- you just make it worse
bad religion- dearly beloved
bad religion -athiest peace
bad religion- flat earth society
carrion spring- scumfuck angels
love below -serious delerium
brothers- peace over power
comrade kilken -amnesic spades
terminal state- I'm a snob
terminal state- punxploitation
blacklisted- eccentrichine
far- pony