Sunday, June 27, 2010

best show ever june 1 and june 22 now up!

Here are the june 1st show and the june 22nd show repectively:
I was gone to work in Ottawa for the two weeks between the shows and had some very able bodied fill in's.
here's the link to check out Josh Kolm from trapper radio filling in:
and here's the link to hear Ryan Soloman from Make this Your Canada
I don't have their setlists but here are mine
june 1 setlist:
the indestructible beat -capital radio
defiance ohio- hairpool
cult ritual -hot cement
the taxpayers -never getting warm
disco assault- my fate
lightnin round- high noon
the faint- parranoiattack
the faint- drop kick the punks
zobux -selective deafness
down to earth- contro
naked under leather- fight to fly
tora tora tora- dead by dawn
lowtalker- that's how it starts
burning streets- draw
blacklist royals -american hearts
blacklist royals- tennessee blues
blacklist royals- promised land
sturgeons -punk rock virgins
siggy magic and the hey ho band -commercials for free
school jerks -decline
school jerks- guestlist
school jerks -rentboy
school jerks -street talk
debaser -we have a lot in common you and I
grey ghost- lascivious shrines
monument to thieves- just like me

and june 22:

off with their heads- the eyes of death
amiens -flowers
ux vileheads -waste of life
sedatives -slip away
jetty boys- I'll be fine
the evening rig- how does she do it
infant sorrow- the clap
heartsounds -walking dead
rufio- all that lasts
sidekicks- small
statues- start time
statues -all good things
statues -holiday cops
statues -click
statues -home life
teenage bottlerocket- without you
teenage bottlerocket- tonguebiter
the lawrence arms -them angels been talking
ceremony -M.C.D.F.
ceremony -terminal addiction
ceremony -into the wayside part III
rehasher- hanging on the telephone
the dean malenkos- scared of cancer
the dean malenkos- norwegian punk song
the dean malenkos- hemo
the dean malenkos- corpses part 2
the dean malenkos- sandra's got a
coliseum- lost in groningen
wisdom in chains -SxE dad
disembodied -enochian prayer
the cleats-?

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