Wednesday, December 22, 2010

best show ever and carla's new pulse dec 14th edition

the best show ever dec 14th edition
the setlist:
blue meanies- the grinch
the leonards- father christmas
ripcordz- all I want for christmas
the bomb -not christmas night
eastern youth- white christmas
l status- holiday cheer
nerf herder- boner for christmas
creepshow- merry christmas(I don't want to fight tonight)
zombina and the skeletons- transylvanian christmas
johnny hobo and the freight trains -cancer for christmas
vibrators- I hate christmas
osaka popstar and the american punk allstars- the christmas that almost wasn't
austrian death machine- jingle bells
black halos- homeless for christmas
saccarine trust- a christmas cry
french lemon santa- merry christmas everybody
homegrown- christmas crush
crucial youth- christmas time for the skins
straight edge kegger- merry christmas
huntingtons- it's always christmas at my house
fucked up- do they know it's christmas
yobs -c-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s
yidcore- chanukah song
the young dudes- I got nothin cool
the dollyrots- messed up xmas
jesu- christmas

New Pulse by Carla
the setlist:
Moderat- rusty nails
lykke Li- complaint department
Autour- de lucie sur tes pas
Holy fuck- Tone bank jungle
mogwai- mogwai fear satan
underworld- mmm skyscraper I love you
Aphex twin fingerbib
aphex twin- to cure a weakling child
akufen- jeep sex
jakeez- master
royksopp- the drug
royksopp- forsaken cowboy
pete samples- winona

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