Saturday, December 4, 2010

november 23rd and 30th editions now up
cheap girls- dim lights
swingin utters -effortless amnesiac
hour of the wolf -domestic wild
bad books- you wouldn't have to ask
born without bones- the king
frodus- too big
lennigan- first rule of survival
permanent bastards -searching the shorelines
permanent bastards- add fuel to the fire
nofx- teenage existentialist
rust belt lights- forty five
rust belt lights- guilt trip
diet cokeheads- oedipussy complex
savage brewtality- lets get drunk
savage brewtality- fully housed
savage brewtality- whacky shack
assexuals -3 chord speed
assexuals -we seek no glory
vrgns- hide and seek
shithawks- hybrid moments
head down- up against the wall
direct hit -snickers or reices(pick up the pieces)
the lucky ones -no fear, more beer
the lucky ones- raise a glass
preying hands- details
backup plan- horseshoes and handgrenades
hellmouth- amen assholes
miles away -endless roads
betrayed- above the influence
band of mercy- the way of compassion
under stars and gutters- just like a movie
oh my god elephant -dan dan dan dan
gaslight anthem -she loves you
the vandals- power mustache
carpenter -mean things
ghost robot ninja bear- blood, the tango
rumspringer- the same wavelength
arms aloft- comfort at any cost
the establishment- give up
the establishment- mechanistic
above them -the take
swingin utters -lepers, thieves
ataries -all souls day
lemuria- chautauqua county
senders- the sea's weight
rival schools- shot after shot
cave in- retina sees rewind
apers- punk rock girl
tigers jaw- return
tigers jaw- let go/trashed floors
tigers jaw- static
brutal knights- take breaks
brutal knights- too many tattoos
brutal knights- sky mall
infamous scientists -all your ears can hear
glasses- fullthrottel
yyy -domination
zero option- rain of terror
rah -all I know
raging boner- all boner, all the time
enabler- heart attack man
disfea-r fear and trembling
glassjaw- good junkies go to heaven

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