Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Show Ever dec 7th edition and Carla's edition of New Pulse

Best Show ever download:
comeback kid- magnet pull
little millionaires -the lime and pepper scrape
teenage kicks- I get what you give
single mothers -nice dresses
money in the banana stand -1728
chixdiggit -miso ramen
the new enemy -tim horton hears a who
metz -automat
sex church -I don't want to die
stereo goes stellar- far too gone
jr battles -basements
fear of lipstick- dumb dumb
brutal knights- life problems
crusades -gifts
famines- got lies
propagandhi- technocracy
shared arms- new waves
shared arms- bailbonds
slingshot- bro etiquette
currents- good morning
teen crud combo- study tall (in study hall)
monster truck -lethal weapon cop car
sainte catherines -do you guys wanna fuckin party after this? No.
a death in the family- while you were away
detentions- single, lonely and bored
orphan choir- upright broken piano
rome romeo- money money

New Pulse
Modeselektor- In loving memory
crystal castles- year of silence
Robyn- None of Dem
Apparat- harrowdown hill
deadmau5 -cthulu sleeps
benoit Charet- cabaret hoover
tricky ponderosa
mass destruction- faithless
woodhands -coolchazine
crystal castles- doe deer
Roni Size- railing
squarepusher- come on my selector
deadmau5- sofi needs a ladder
deadmau5 -one trick pony
Unkle- be there
Hot chip- one life stand
Russian futurists- Register my firearms? No way!
Hawksley Workman- Stay drunk and keep fucking

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