Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back on the ball

New show up! Album feature from the new Sass Dragons record and how to play mafia by David Cross. Check it out here:
and setlist:
big kids -parents are still a handful
crash and the kids -I'm so sad, so very, very sad
crash and the kids- we hate you, please die
sass dragons- your turn cop
sass dragons- himalayan salt
sass dragons- 8 or 9 on a bike
year zero- the great debate
year zero- my head
the estranged -faces stare
achigan -la cage
achigan -participier au chaos
david cross -how to play mafia
bad religion -man with a mission
hot graves- yesterday
bad religion- devil in stitches
erics trip -we're only gonna die
villanovans- drive me
underdogs -mom and dad
the willkills -rough times ahead
dead mechanical- watchpost
miles away -rain eyes
stick to your guns- amber
heads held high- refurbished kids
undertaker- nature's eyes
in bear county -the name's ash

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