Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 20th Christmas Episode is now up!

Download the show here

Best Show Ever Christmas 2016

The setlist:

dirty nil    -christmas at my house
vandals    -hang myself from the tree
vandals    -I don't believe in santa clause
vandals    -thanks for nothing
vandals    -my brother is gay
angry snowmans-    bring crosby wrote festive christmas songs
angry snowmans    -christmas spirits dying
angry snowmans    -naught children suck
angry snowmans    -oh santa claus
angry snowmans    -sleigh ride
angry snowmans-    take the tree down
angry snowmans-    toblerone addict
angry snowmans-    we're only gonna buy(for our own christmas lists)
angry snowmans-    festive
nerf herder    -doctor who
zolof the rock and roll destroyer    -this briskness
mystery science theatre 3000    -(lets have) a patrick swayze christmas
misfits    -island of misfit toys
dwarves-    drinking up christmas
mojo nixon    -christmas christmas
crucial youth-    christmas time for the skins
fucked up    -david christmas
elastica    -father christmas
nervosa    guerra- santa
kenny laguna    -home for christmas
lindbergh babies-    atheist xmas
girl in a coma    -I'll be home for christmas
agoraphobic nosebleed    -merry chrystmeth
bloodsucking zombies from outer space    -merry xmas everybody
wintersleep    -santa fe

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