Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Best Show Ever Nov 22nd is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Nov 22 

The Setlist:

 earworms    -superalien coliseum
earworms    -failsafe
letdowns    -intro
wild wing    -still wanna kill
fladderpuck    -molders of tomorrow
omegas-    boom boom
omegas-    machine vs machine
omegas-    system lickers
omegas-    drug zoo
omegas    -splendid blaze
omegas    -dog by day
omegas    -city loser
hi-standard    -nothing to lose
hi-standard    -rain forever
dangers    -the bend in the break
dangers    -loose cigarettes
dangers-    the straight world
mikey erg    -comme si about me
mikey erg    (this is not) the first time
reliever    -scale
reliever    -hunt
vanilla poppers    -pleasure rush
vanilla poppers    -awe wound
bella bombs-    nobody's there
bella bombs    -doubt
gawker    -whippy
gawker    -cruise
gawker    -doo haust
socks for cocks    -office sex has no fx
socks for cocks-    fast fun punks
bass amp and dano    -let's go! (to home depot)
bass amp and dano    -dry county
death hymn number 9    -trainyard boogie
death hymn number 9    -squid attack
kevin devine    -no why
kevin devine    -both ways

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