Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Best of 2015 part 2!

Download the show here

Best of 2015 part 2

The Setlist:

millencolin    -something I would die for
ken mode    -blessed
ken mode    -the owl…
cloud rat-    seken
cloud rat-    bloated goat
colleen green    -tv
colleen green    -things that are bad for me (pt.I)
noisem    -1132
noisem    -graining enamel
ignite    -alive
ignite    -where I'm from
hop along    -waitress
hop along    -sister cities
mutoid man    -sweet ivy
mutoid man    -dead dreams
the garden    -all smiles over here
the garden    -vexation
night birds    -life is not amusement for me
night birds    -king kong
titus andronicus    -fatal flaw
titus andronicus-    dimed out
atom age    -do it now
atom age    -wild worry
jeff rosenstock    -you in weird cities
jeff rosenstock    -I'm serious, I'm sorry
jeff rosenstock    -darkness records

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