Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best of Canadian punk 2015

A couple of extras at the top of the show but here are a bunch of great Canadian releases from the past year minus the one's I forgot or made my top 25 of the year which will be covered on my next 2 weeks worth of shows.
Download it here
Best Show Ever Dec 29th

The setlist:

ignite    -the suffering
broadcaster    -all the wrong reasons
belt fight-    belt fight does it again
stray sheep    -nothing for me
youth decay    -living in my head
seaway    -best mistake
postscript    -right for me
total dicks    -overdraft
dilly dally    -next gold
fathers    -boy pussy
safe to say    -bracelets
east end radicals-    brothers vaillancourt
pony    -don't go
penske file-    home
koszmar-    zmuszony do zycia
pleasure leftists    -a new name
severe-    take it back
sailor jupiter    -jesus freak
pseudo    -I hereby decree ye unfit for trial
sunspots    -dead season
pluum    -being busy
red arms    -taking a ride
deforesters    -the topiary animals are telling me to do terrible things
speaker-    dull razors
the chain    -we stand
vcr    -murder city rules
sexfac-e    village life
career suicide    -cut and run
black tower    -death march
eamon mcgrath and the wild dogs    -before you got so sad

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