Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Joe Strummer Day 2015!

Annual show to honour the legacy of Joe Strummer on the anniversary of his death.

Download part 1 here :
Joe Strummer Day part 1
Part 2
Joe Strummer Day part 2

The Setlist
cowboy mouth    -joe strummer
clash    -the right profile
clash    -drug stabbing time
clash    -version pardner
clash    -atom tan
clash    -garage land
clash    -three card trick
silverchair    -london's burning
danny michel    -straight to hell
poshot    -rudie can't fail
long tall texans    -should I stay or should I go
trust company    -rock the casbah
anders wendin    -tommy gun
ebba gron and mick jones    -career opportunities
serious drinking    -london's burning
loved ones    -coma girl
la mirilla     -wrong em boyo
weird al    -the clash polka
the 101ers    -sweety of the st moritz
joe strummer    -cholo vest
joe strummer and the mescaleros    -techno d-day
clash    -long time jerk
clash    -robber dub
clash    -revolution rock
clash    -I'm so bored with the usa
clash    -dirty punk
clash    -all the young punks
clash    -the equaliser
clash    -overpowered by funk
camper von beethoven    -kingston advice
the indestructible beat    -capital radio
mick jones ft. the libertines    -time for heroes
colin farrell    -I fought the law
johan johansson    -cheat
calexico    -the guns of brixton
clash    -this is radio clash(dunproofin remix
clash    -stop the world
clash    -janie jones
clash    -clampdown
clash    -tommy gun
clash    -police on my back
clash    -car jamming
stiff little fingers    -strummerville
clash    -straight to hell (unedited)

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