Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dec 1st episode is now up!

Download the show here:
 Best Show Ever Dec 1st

The setlist:
patsy's rats    -rock and roll friend
patsy's rats    -it's gonna hurt
all brights    -hell on a surfboard
all brights    -storm the beach
sic waiting    -it's not rocket science
sic waiting    -long island sound
max levine ensemble-    my valerian
max levine ensemble    -born at the wrong time
max levine ensemble    -american
penetration moon    -fifth a day
penetration moon    -I'm trash
tv freaks-    forget you
tv freaks    -love fade
tv freaks    -thirteen
red owls    -bad advice
red owls-    do you feel better
total chaos    -world of insanity
total chaos    -truth in lies
sago    -in harms way
sago    -ignorant shit
questions    -cheap talk
questions    -face your fear
hellbent    -blood
hellbent    -washed out
speaker    -dull razors
speaker    -baby blues
speaker-    biting nails

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