Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jan 26th episode is now up!

Feb 2nd's show was a repeat but here is one from the week before:

Jan 26 Best Show Ever

The Setlist:

 metz    -eraser
basement    -aquasun
ship thieves-    born into this
piffbreak arcade-    road rage
petro girls    -slug
coathangers    -make it right
down I go    -the serpent of lagarfljot
down I go    -of marbendill
down I go    -drangey consecrated
screaming females    -ripe
screaming females    -triumph
j. navarro and the traitors    -deeper
j. navarro and the traitors    -water
adelleda    -lifers
adelleda    -the bottom
letdown-    deficiency
letdown    -the bottom
dirt    -good-lovers
dirt    -ride
totem skin    -always ire
totem skin    -pretend
dead heavens    -adderall highway
dead heavens    -hyacinth

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