Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb 16th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Feb 16th

The Setlist:
sense field    -save yourself
sense field    -outlive the man
the falcon    -hasslehoff cheeseburger
anti-flag    -coward in my veins
anti-flag    -the new jim crow
big eyes-    local celebrity
big eyes-    when you were 25
pool party    -pool party number one
pool party    -undress for success
pool party    -strut my stuff
minority 905    -green day medley
chris wollard and the ship thieves-    undertakers
chris wollard and the ship thieves    -rotations
sundressed    -hodl your head up high
sundressed    -1800 miles
new colonies    -rot and rain
new colonies    -bleached bones
prom nite    -snakes
prom nite    -friendly boy
prom nite    -pretty demon
prom nite    -tied down
prom nite    -rock becomes reality
coldxsnap    -missing piece
silent order    -distraction
silent order    -we exist
silent order    -darkness-isolation
water weed    -dc
water weed    -my own eyes
free children of earth    -terminal stasis

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