Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feb 23rd episode is now up!

Download it here:
Best show Ever feb 23/16

 And here's the setlist
pup    -dvp
allout helter    -the motesharrei report
allout helter    -zealots
phenomenauts-    I'm with neil
phenomenauts    -every day is science day
two tens-    sweet as pie
two tens-    care at all
boss' daughter-    something about nothing
boss' daughter    -married at thirty
boss' daughter    -stupid chords, stupid words, stupid song
like pacific    -22a
like pacific    -dim
like pacific    -scarred
not half bad    -three things that aren't jackie chan
not half bad    -comfortable. Tired
reminder    -head over heels
reminder    -bean (gone for so long)
caddywhompus    -stuck
tare-    sonk it into forth
ex-breathers-    stand still
wastoids    -little bags
wastoids    -end of the tracks
tempest    -sunless year
tempest-    the night remains
lionheart    -witness

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