Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 22nd episode is now up!

Best Show Ever March 22nd 

The Setlist:
the falcon    -dead rose
we were sharks    -moving forward
river oaks    -let you down
river oaks    -roman candle
problem daughter    -alda small things
problem daughter    -like a dog
mind spiders    -no filter
mind spiders    -running
mind spiders    -split in two
odonis odonis    -angus mountain
odonis odonis    -tension
odonis odonis-    are we friends
half read    -darkness
half read    -no system
whip kisser    -disco
whip kisser    -horses 2
exit 17    -holy text
exit 17    -rights
tsunami bomb    -obligation
tsunami bomb    -marionette
shellshag    -protect the flower
shellshag    -blowing it
eyehategod    -the liar's psalm
bl'ast    -cut your teeth
ghost bath    -golden number

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