Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 15th episode is now up!

Download the show here

The Best Show Ever March 15th

 The setlist:

nerf herder    -the girl who listened to rush
attention    -writing letters
titus andronicus    -no future
chumped    -not the one
woolworm    -two awful truths
boids    -human bomb
boids    -mole people
boids    -gogama
somos    -room full of people
somos    -lifted from the current
la sera    -high notes
la sera    -I need an angel
disasterbaters    -get you off my mind
disasterbaters    -searchin
disasterbaters    -waste of time
dead by forty-    gauge
dead by forty    -sotally tober
sensory deprivation    -self degrading plan
sensory deprivation    -voynich
weatherstate-    the world has got it in for you
weatherstate-    sofability
saintly rows    -mara
saintly rows    -the vine that ate the south
cloaca    -teenage conservatives
cloaca    -lurkers
cloaca    -fight to deny
mdc    -chicken squawk
mdc    -the end of everything

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