Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 18th episode is up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever Oct 18

The Setlist:
 nancy    -(me) and the boys
nancy    -(get the) revvup
nancy    -(I wish I was) albino
raincheck    -fresh start
raincheck    -overflow
joyce manor-eighteen
joyce manor    -last you heard of me
joyce manor    -this song is a mess but so am i
microwave    -lighterless
microwave    -drown
debeli precjednik    -surrender now
debeli precjednik    -zbogom svi
masinko    -monumentalna
bare teeth    -always rail
bare teeth    -these towns need guns
dirty outs    -bismarck
dirty outs    -ghosted
thirty helens    -whom say ye that I am
thirty helens-    help me get the lid off
pure pressure    -good mental health, seattle
pure pressure    -7000 miles-24 states
pure pressure    -open case
pure pressure    -searching
ken mode    -the german businessman
ken mode    -let's get divorced
marusya    -exodium
marusya    -liberte - egalite- fraternite

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