Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 4th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
Best Show Ever oct 4th

The setlist:
menzingers -   lookers
signals midwest-    alchemy hour
signals midwest-    song for ana
great apes  -  california heart
great apes   - shut in with the burden
every time I die -   fear and trembling
every time I die -   map change
every time I die-    it remembers
leggy  -  bruises
leggy  -  even lana
punchline 13  -  you don't
punchline 13  -  sitting on a star
bussieres   - orange glow
bussieres   - those far but not forgotten
turnstile   -come back for more
turnstile  -  move thru me
ink bomb  -  survey says
ink bomb -   eisenhower
brutal youth  -  denial
brutal youth  -  chlorine
brutal youth   - sandpit
brutal youth   - depression
brutal youth  -  todd serious
out in style   - another bottle
out in style   - won't stay
out in style   - at the sanitorium
lost in society  -  generation why
lost in society  -  second chances

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