Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 11th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever Oct 11

The setlist:

 helmet    -bad news
red fang    -cut it short
red fang-    I am a ghost
balance and composure    -mediocre love
balance and composure    -loam
nofx    -oxy moronic
nofx-    dead beat mom
nofx-    bye bye biopsy girl
dog party    -til you're mine
dog party    -and I did
night birds    -demon haunted world
night birds    -born of man and woman
jerry bullets    -entertainment
jerry bullets    -el ray
jerry bullets    -sleeping state
fragment    -polution cycle
fragment    -abandoned, surrounded
fragment    -warfare
fragment    -old tyrants
fragment    -bad minds
fragment    -slow death
lipstick homicide-    how much more
dan vapid and the cheats-    lust to love
the blast!    -vacation
beach creep-    peas and lentils
beach creep    -sprout
alcest    -kodama

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