Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 26th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever July 26th

The Setlist:
white lung    -I beg you
masked intruder    -beyond a shadow of a doubt
mother feather    -beach house
teenage bottlerocket    -never gonna tell you
metz and swami john reis    -caught up
talk show host    -I don't want to go to the library
beat noir    -monkeypaw
beat noir    -corriveau
beat noir    -alexandria
tragic hearts-    porcelain
inactivist-    fffffkill
quarter tank    -canyons
huttch    -maiden hill
pup-    the coast
napalm raid    -living breathing dead
lost love-    you're my joe pesci, I'm your marvin
school damage    -don't let me
maddigans    -all or nothing
belvedere    -the architect
greys    -sorcerer
the brains    -octopi
big school    -public speaker
cloaca    -fight to deny
yeah bud!!!    -insufficient fun
set it back    -the river
wastoids    -little bags

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