Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 21st episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever june 21st

the setlist:

seaway    - find a way
taxpayers    -invader
taxpayers    -pain unlike another
custody    -blistered soul
custody    -whatever we decide
toys that kill    -s.d.r.t.t. go!
toys that kill    -ready to fall
shinobu    can dialects break bricks
shinobu    --hail, hail the excecutioner
g.l.o.s.s.    -we live
g.l.o.s.s.    --trans day fo revenge
les trimpes    -toi moi pis l'rock'n'roll
les trimpes    -donne du gaz
red sideburns    -spit it out
red sideburns    -young blood
big school    -after dark
big school    -talkin to myself
rebel spies-    we must be cautious
rebel spies-    fire when ready
goth girl    -gore poetry
goth girl    -only terror
goth girl    -vocal discordance
goth girl    -death breath
goth girl    -muzzle blast
goth girl    -no-fi
ringworm    -destroy or create
ringworm    -poison
brain tentacles    -kingda ka
brain tentacles    -the spoiler
nails-    life is a death sentence
nails    -into quietus
nomads    -omegalomaniac
nomads    -lucretia, my reflection

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