Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 7th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever June 7th

The setlist:
slow science    -lifetime guarantee
dauntless elite    -blitzar radio
worship this!    -so long… sucker!
worship this!    -kennedy
modern baseball    -apple cider, I don't mind
modern baseball-    just another face
talk show host    -I don't wanna go to the library
talk show host    -lost and found
talk show host    -108
talk show host    -franklin
such hounds    -strangers
such hounds    -down south
austeros    --by now
austeros    -fraction of time
thrice    -wake up
thrice    -whistleblower
inactivist    -pessimist-feminist
inactivist    -in my head
inactivist    -fffffkill
dead elect-    good luck doll
dead elect-    flat iron blues
posture    -2
posture    -forget
pup    -the sleep in the heat
pup    -old wounds

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