Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 12th episode is now up!

 Download it here:
The Best Show Ever July 12th

The Setlist
nerf herder    -stock photo girl
nerf herder    -ghostbusters III
absolute gender    -intracunt
absolute gender    -world on a wire
ray rocket    -radical
ray rocket    -pet sematery
no fuss    -old truths
grievances    -the work
loss aversion    -bad energy
the nielsens    -greys
zorton and the cannibals    -sinking in my love
greg rukus    -red wool
heart attack kids    -eh ok
faintest idea    -circling the drain
faintest idea    --throw away the key
venerea-    mark of cain
venerea-    times are hard
cables and arms-    a lasting mark
cables and arms-    strong arm
skipjack    -something to believe in
skipjack    -pioneer memorial
useless id    -creations
useless id    -closer to the edge
memory hole    -the boys aren't back in town
memory hole    -hex removal
memory hole    -die
double cross    -enemy

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