Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Apr 19th episode is now up!

 Download it here:
Best Show Ever apr 19

The setlist:
tender defender    -rudes and cheaps
tender defender    -the tender defender
shonen knife-    iml
shonen knife    -calabash
urochromes    -trapped on a planet
urochromes    -ugly people
teen agers    -young gods
teen agers    -searchlight
lippies    -as we fall
lippies    -we can't go
lippies    -sleeping
laffing gas-    bob
laffing gas    -tough luck
dayglo abortions-    velcro shoes
dayglo abortions-    to prove that we are free
pkew pkew pkew    -mid 20's skateboarder
cheap appeal    -nothing to offer
cheap appeal    -panic
agent attitude    -step aside
agent attitude    -police control
gaucho    -desplazados
gaucho    -demonios
gaucho    -cuerpos mutilados
patsy    -eat it
patsy    -insidious kind
scumraid    -chronic isolation
scumraid    -reality
dark circles    -ashen
dark circles    -void
green jelly    -super elastic
green jelly    -obey the cowgod

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